Mobirise Web Page Builder



Choosing the right framework for your website is important.  There are many questions to ask that will determine what is the right choice for you. Do you need to integrate with social media? Will you be updating the content of your site often (or at all)? Will you be selling online goods or accepting payments on your website?

We leverage industry-proven frameworks to deliver the best website possible that fits your need. Wordpress, Joomla, DRUPAL, Bootstrap and many more.  And by using these proven frameworks, the cost savings are passed on to you.  Shorter development time, easier site maintenance and 1000's of open-source solutions that allow us to develop and customize your site - affordably!


You have a vision and we help to make sure that vision is one cohesive message for your customers.

Whether it's a simple logo design (or redesign) or a full suite of images across many mediums, we help to make sure that you deliver a solid, cohesive message across your entire business landscape.


Analytics can be confusing. Click-throughs, page-follows, page exits, referring sites, avg page time, load times and so on. 

So much of what makes analytics informative and useful can also be confusing.  You should be focused on your business, the day-to-day and not worried about what's going on in the bowels of the internet.  We're here to help!  We can help manage your site analytics and provide user-friendly analysis, reviews and reports.  We'll make it easy to understand so that you can make quick, but informed decisions, on how to best maintain your site and how it impacts your business.

Are you capturing the customers you thought you were? Is your site easy to navigate? Are they seeing the messages that you want them to see?

We'll analyze the data and provide you with the answers to those questions and more!


Website hosting is the often overlooked piece of your online roadmap. Domain names, URL's , email providers and so on. 

These very important links in the chain also need to be considered when building your digital destination. Here at Pittsburgh Tech Solutions, we know how important these choices and decisions can be and what effect they could have on your business.  We can offer you advice and solutions that meet your budget.  Whether it's going with a large hosting provider like Go-Daddy or letting us host your site as part of a sub-domain hosting package, we can help answer all of your questions.